Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am MIA and Blog Candy Alerts! I have been MIA for a few days...I am feeling like I need to get in my craft room, however...sadly I have returned to work and it just isn't as easy to do!  After one year away from work with my little baby, it is hard to go back to full time!  ahhh!!  Alas, it must be done!  It is also good for me and I am happy to be around good friends and colleagues again also!
Anyways, the reasons for no posts in the last few days is two-fold.  I was on a post a day run for a while, however I am on hold right now becuase I am back and work and I seem to have less time to muck around in my scrapbooking room (wierd??), however this is the reason that has the least impact on my actual scrapping output.   Secondly since starting to blog my wish list grew so rapidly and it was just soo huge.  I was feeling like my projects were crap becuase I couldn't use the cuts I wanted to use, the stamps I wanted or whatever...anyways...strangly enough my hubby must have sensed my dismay. 
He splurged on cricut carts and crafting supplies for me...he did say that it counts as valentines and mothers day and my own spending on crafts!!  ha ha ha...but I think I'll  have almost every cricut cart, I bought a set of stickles (most excited about) and some bakers twine (yay), hmmm, I am thinking about investing in the many marvelous stampin' up markers...that has been the toughest to commit to, but I feel like I can't really explore stamping truly without I must take the plunge...i guess that's why i'm back at work!! what else...I feel like i spent the farm (or my husband did anyways, and by feel i meant did)....
Anyways, so now I know all this stuff is on it's lovely slow little way over to my doorstep.  So with that knowledge I find myself sitting in my scrapping room with scrapper's that what it's called??  anyways, I cannot think of a project that I can do without wanting what I don't have yet, it's all about what I'm waiting I have decided to just check out tutorials (increase my wishlist), check out other blogs for inspiration and see whats out there until I get all my stuff, then I can get my mojo back on...Although, that being said I do have one more post for tomorrow...(i haven't done my project yet, but I wanted to do one more challenge for crop out diabetes!) 
So along with that, i have some blog candy updates for all you out there wanting more candy!!  Who doesn't love candy anyway??  Okay, so Jayden's Mommy is giving away this beautiful just because cards brand new cartridge (the only catch is you have to live in the US or pay remaining shipping vis paypal, small price to pay for this great cart!!)
Pats Scraps is only a few followers away from making her draw!!  go and check out her blog, follow her she has some awesome projects and stuff to check out as well as the awesome candy she has!
Queen of my Craftroom is giving away an awesome cartridge that you really dont' see too much of, but has some awesome cuts and super cute birds.  She is giving away the three birds on parade cartridge!!  So cute.  now she is giving it away when she reaches 200 followers...she is actually already at 200, but she has yet to draw a winner!!  so go ahead and try to get in it!!  good luck!!
Dandy also has some great blog candy that she is going to draw at 100 followers, she is getting close to that, so please check her awesomely stylish blog out, and get in on her blog candy too!
Also, Christine is having an amazing mystery giveaway on her blog, as soon as she reaches 200 followers, and she is close!!!  so please go on over there check it out!! 
And the last blog candy I have for now is Scrappy Scavenger, she is giving away an awesome cartridge that i actually don't have so would love to win, but she is giving away the wrap it up cartridge!!! go and check out all the lbogs enter to win!!  and good luck everyone!!  yay...spread the goodness around!!!
Anyways, thanks for checking out my blog, and have a great weekend, and check out all the blog hops this weekend and beginning of next week!! 

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